We are delighted to welcome in our showroom the new brand Cubic, founded in Shanghai in 2012 and leaded by Spanish experienced designer Jessica Garcia. TCA Showroom is the new agent of this fashion brand in UK and northern Ireland. 

Contemporary, Femininity, Elegance, Passion, Natural Beauty, Art…are so many words to describe the Cubic’s spirit. Cubic brand is for all the non-conformist women of nowadays, for working women that enjoy the pleasures of the life, tired to the boring rules of fashion. If you think different, why not dressing different?

It draws inspiration from the exotic Orient and the trendy Occident to create a specific culture, unique, feminine, funny, easy to wear, elegant and trendy.

Cubic AW16 Collection: “Pink Cigarette”

Pink Cigarette AW16 adapts the concept of nowadays urbanity, bringing a contemporary silhouette full of femininity with a sophistical winter palette. The range goes from pure black and white to unsaturated dark pastel colors. Indigo blue and turquoise green are more important colors, with some touch of light browns and chew pink…

Cubic AW16 catches the essence of the 60’s, and updates it to the urbanity of nowadays, bringing a temporary silhouettes full of femininity with a sophisticated winter palette.

“Pink Cigarette” is not just an ode to the decade of the Twist, Pierre Cardin and Antonioni; it is an ode to all the women that, without being conscious of that, became real heroines of the world that surrounds them. All the secondary actresses that forget the guest star they really are; they are Cubic real inspiration.

Animal prints and ecological furs, with their majesty and strength, are combined with noble fabrics and geometrical patterns in wool, cottons and rich jacquards; creating relaxed silhouettes that play with special furniture and knots, bows and belts, always highlighting the waistband as the epicenter of the body. The glam of the features, the sophistication of the golden threads or the fun of the glitter also have their own space thanks to the embroideries and handmade that confirms the Cubic DNA.

Welcome CUBIC to TCA Showroom!

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