PrintAccess s.a. was established in 2000 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Every new collection Access creates an original and feminine product, taking inspiration from various sources and with a unique relationship among price, quality and exclusivity.

Their success worldwide in different fashion markets and cultures is the most reliable piece of evidence for the quality of our products as well as their competitiveness.

Presenting 4 collections annually: Spring/Summer-Summer Flash & Fall/Winter- Winter Flash and with 3 main collections per year that include more than 500 codes each and consist of a variety of dresses, shirts, skirts, pants, coats etc.

Access Fashion has 3 different lines (clothing brands) which are ACCESS, SPELL and EIGHT (8). Their collections have a rich variety of fabrics, colors and accessories, which are selected very carefully emphasizing on their design and their quality.

ACCESS is the basic line, which has a feminine and sophisticated look with minimal shapes, perfect for dynamic ladies and business women.

The more glamorous one, SPELL line, which has colorful and girly garments with additional details, and is emphasizing on youthful and strong living ladies.

And EIGHT line which has casual style with comfortable garments, perfect for your everyday life.

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