Grace & Mila revisits season after season the dressing room of the chic and bold Paris. Grace was chosen for its resonance with elegance and femininity and its inevitable correlation with Princess Grace Kelly while the name Mila in Russian means “Loved by the people.” The idea is to offer collections in the zeitgeist and accessible to all.

Grace and Mila creations are an ode to romance, poetry and the small pleasures of daily life. More than ever, Grace & Mila is feminine, joyful and fresh. The colors sparkle, details are subtle and tangy. Like a folk traveler, Grace & Mila mixed ethnic prints with Indian paisley on soft and full of light materials. White is bright and sparkly. Lace, embroidery, jewelry & silhouettes give a modern and sophisticated look. Neon buttons come from heckle pastel tender.
“Their collections are like leafing through a photo album as a playlist of precious moments that instantly reminds us of our favorites and our favorite madness …”
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