Silvian Heach is an Italian fashion brand with a strong identity for a woman who wants to feel charming and spirited, with garments with a significant style content and highly competitive pricing. A Silvian Heach woman loves good taste and quality products, combined with a strong passion for attention to detail.

Arav Fashion was founded in 2002 with the Silvian Heach project: an easy-to-wear easy-to-understand women’s fashion brand that was the result of the clear and ambitious idea that was shared by the two founding partners, Mena Marano and Giuseppe Ammaturo.

The Italian brand Silvian Heach provides women with innovative apparel, allowing them to create the most fashionably chic and glamorous outfits. Each piece of Silvian Heach clothing aims to reveal elegance, seduction and a profound determination, providing clothing for women who are just that: elegant, seductive and determined.

The brand provides a great selection of stylish coats, glamorous dresses, as well as a range of more casual clothing, allowing you to choose from the Silvian Heach brand no matter what the occasion. Target Icons are the most powerful women of fashion and show business, successful timeless woman from 20 to 45 year old.

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